Empowering Lives:
Good Samaritan Rehabilitation and Training Center (GSRTC)


At Good Samaritan Rehabilitation and Training Center (GSRTC), we firmly believe in ‘spreading love and care’ as the fundamental expression of humanity. GSRTC is an initiative of Samaritan Trust, a registered non-profit organization committed to ensuring a ‘Happy and Dignified Human Life’. It’s our unique vision, a centre for Person with Disabilities (PwDs) and paraplegia patients for promoting inclusive development through skill-based training, entrepreneurship, and awareness creation. This perhaps is the first unique and exclusive centre for PwDs in South India.

The Genesis of GSRTC:

The dramatic beginning of GSRTC was the interaction of the Director of Samaritan Pain & Palliative Care, during his Palliative Home Care visits, witnessing the vulnerability and dependency of PwD’s and paraplegia patients. Inspired by their unwavering spirit, the idea of GSRTC was born as a center for rehabilitation and training, aiming at creating opportunities and transformation of lives.

Samaritan Trust: Making a Difference

Founded in 2017, Samaritan Trust (Reg. No: 99/IV/17) with FCRA, 80G, 12A (for tax exemption), and Ministry of Corporate Affairs registration (for CSR activities). Through its various wings, GSRTC's parent organization, the Samaritan Trust, has undertaken numerous charitable initiatives to promote a life of dignity and happiness for the less privileged.

Major Wings of the Trust:

  1. Samaritan Old Age Home: Geriatric care of the destitute Providing care and support to the elderly.
  2. Palliative Care Centre: Offering medical care, distribution of medical equipment, dialysis support, ambulance services, E-palliative, mobile library, clinic, and counselingcenter for patients with life-limiting illnesses.
  3. Animation Program - SACRED (Support and Care for Rehabilitation, Empowerment, and Development):
  4. A. LIFE(Living in Full Empowerment): A comprehensive Family Empowerment Program particularly for PwD’s

    B. LEAP(Learning &Educational Assistance Program): Offering educational support to deserving students from      underprivileged backgrounds, nurturing their aspirations for a better tomorrow.

    C. STEP(Skill Training and Empowerment Program): Equipping students, youth, PwDs, volunteers, NGOs, clubs, and      associations with essential skills in health, palliative care, geriatric care, entrepreneurship, and skill development.

    D. THANAL: A Women and Girl Child Empowerment Program, fostering gender equality and support.

    E. SET(Samaritan Emergency Team): A dedicated team of 35 members always prepared to provide immediate      assistance during emergencies.

Aim & Objective - Empowerment and Incubation:

GSRTC serves as a residential rehabilitation and training center exclusively dedicated to PwDs and paraplegia patients. Our mission is to equip trainees with vital skills and support their journey into entrepreneurship. With your kind support, we can create a nurturing environment that fosters inclusivity and personal growth.


Nestled in the serene and lush green beauty of Thalavil, Chapparapadavu Gram Panchayat in Kannur district, Kerala, GSRTC offers a tranquil environment conducive to the holistic development of trainees.

Urgent Support Needed:

While significant progress has been made in setting up an infrastructure in 24000sq.ft. space with the help of Italian Bishop’s Conference, we urgently seek your generous support to furnish crucial areas of GSRTC:

  1. Physiotherapy Section
  2. Life Support Equipment for the Emergency Medical Room
  3. Prosthetic and Orthotic Equipment
  4. Furniture
  5. Installation of Solar Power System
  6. Electronic and Electrical Equipments
  7. Library
  8. Various Machineries for the Production Units
  9. Vehicle Support

Implementation - Caring for Each Individual:

GSRTC is managed by a team of dedicated trainers along with Medical& Development Professionals,providing holistic development, addressing medical needs, and fostering inclusivity without any discrimination.

Join Our Journey:

We invite you to join us on this unique and holistic journey of compassion, creating a brighter future for PwDs& paraplegia patients in India. Together, let's transform their lives for a better tomorrow.

Samaritan Old Age Home and Palliative Care Centre,
Samaritan Trust Chengalayi,
Sreekandapuram 670631, Kannur, Kerala, South INDIA
Phone : 9446641007, 9747966333
Email : [email protected]
Web : https://samaritanpalliative.org/

Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve..”