Samaritan Animation Centre

“Self empowerment is seeking the solutions rather than fixing on the problem” (Coach Bobbi)




This empowerment programme is known as LIFE (Little Flower Initiatives for Family Empowerments).Our dream for holistic development of the human being includes the socio-cultural dimensions as well. Samaritan Animation Center is the venue to avail opportunity for socialization and for carrying out its further missions. A center equipped to organize various trainings such as handicrafts, small scale production units, promotion of art and literature for the interest groups are found to be timely interventions for the cause swiftly transforming society. The ardent goal of this center is the animation of differently abled, long term ill and economically struggling patients who find it difficult to follow their aspirations. Samaritan Animation Center is the home away from home as it is the place of gathering for many of our beneficiaries. It aims at empowering these disabled people through micro financing programmes and thus enable them to become earning members.



“Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World” (Nelson Mandela)

This is a mission of Samaritan Trust aiming at integral development of the children of the palliative care patients. This mission is being carried out in collaboration with the LEAP ( Little flower Education Assistance Programme) programme of St.Thomas province of the Little Flower Congregation.

LEAP is novel form in which we are reaching out to them rather than they are reaching to us by providing our consistent care and help at their home. The main agenda of this venture is to build a value based society through education. Through this programme, we give emphasis on education, values, skills etc. we make it possible to the deserving students from deplorable family backgrounds through providing scholarships, uniform, bags and study materials, value added orientation classes and seminars etc. So, they will be called in on major holidays for residential programmes in order to train them both in intellectual and psychological skills. Excellent students will be aided for their higher studies as well in our institutions.

This project aims for enabling the students to continue their education confidently and to achieve their dreams. Besides this will help to alleviate the financial burden of the parents and thus bring a smile on the face of the parents. It is by education that a value based generation can be formed and make them better citizens of the nation. So they will be able to contribute to create a better world to live in.