Be a Volunteer

Any individual from any walk of life can join with us and be a volunteer in our activities. You are welcome to share your precious time, energy, skills and visions for the well being of our fellow human beings. You have many avenues to be a part of Samaritan activities. Following are some of them.

  • Help in the day to day activities of Samaritan Old age home and Palliative care unit.
  • Provide financial contribution to the day to day activities of Samaritan
  • Donate various required materials for the care and welfare of patients and differently abled, like cloth, beds, cots, computer, medical equipments, smart phones for the bed-ridden, food materials etc.
  • Sponsor a designated young patient for further treatment.
  • Sponsor an ailing student for the study and other related expenses.
  • You are encouraged to spread the values envisioned by Samaritan and involve many individuals to reach out to the maximum deserving persons in the society.
  • Sponsor any of the activities of Samaritan conducted in pursuit of its goals of serving the society.
  • Be a member of OPPAM (Moving together for the cause of society) Vounteers, as professionals, skilled workers, social workers, clubs and organizations to take part in many other immediate social intervention programmes.
  • Render voluntary service in our centers for a period of your convenience.
  • Be a volunteer in the Samaritan Animation center and contribute your skills to the persons who are being trained and working.

Volunteer Registration Form